Mijas, Spain

Mijas, Spain

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Mijas Spain

Mijas is a white town with Arabic structure, situated at only 30 km of Málaga at the Costa del Sol. A white pearl in the mountains! The steep path to this small town greets its visitors with red flowers in blue flowerpots that sparkle on the white walls. The town is most famous for its unique “donkey cabs”, popular among tourists from all over the world, the small bull arena, the old Arabic wall, the churches and the much visited Santuario de la Virgen de la Peña, the sanctuary of the patron saint of the town. You don’t want to come here for authenticity, but you do want to come here for a day of relaxation in one of the most touristic white villages of Málaga.
Recommended airport
Malaga (AGP)
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  • Costa del Sol a 21.48 km
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