Best Price Guarantee

“The Bright Side” guarantees you that you will not find a better rate online elsewhere

We want you to be able to book with peace of mind. We guarantee the best available rate online. If you should find a lower rate, we match our rate to the one you find.

What shall I do if I find a cheaper rate after having made my booking on

All you need to do is send an email to stating in writing where you have found the cheaper rate (it is necessary to send a print shot of the relevant publication), as long as it meets all the other criteria: hotel, room type, dates, offer applied, same number of guests (including children and their ages) board and currency.

Within 2 working days, our central booking office will determine the validity of the claim on the basis of the published Terms and Conditions.

If  “The Bright Side” accepts the claim and all Terms and Conditions are met, we will send you a confirmation of the new booking with the new price.

If  “The Bright Side” rejects the claim because it does not meet some of the Terms and Conditions required, we will send you an email detailing its reasons.

Terms and Conditions

The guarantee for the best rate available online only is applied if the claim meets the following terms and conditions:

  • You must have made your booking through and be in possession of the relevant booking reference number.
  • The claim must be lodged by sending an email to with at least 72 hours’ notice prior to check-in.
  • When a lower rate is found online it must be possible to make a reservation in equivalent conditions to those stated by thebrightside.travelthat means, the booking must be confirmed immediately and in real time on the other website:
    • For the same hotel and same room type.
    • For the same arrival date and departure date.
    • Same board type
    • Same number of adults and children (same ages)
    • Same currency
  • The guarantee will not apply in the event of mistakes being made on charges or in the publication of rates on other websites.
  • The guarantee refers to the total price payable by the end user for the whole stay, and not to a partial price of some or all the days of said stay.
  • The guarantee refers to the final price payable by the end user, thus including all costs arising from the service, taxes, handling fees that all other websites levy on their users.
  • The guarantee will not apply for rates that are not pubslished online, or rates corresponding to packaged holidays
  • The guarantee will not apply to special rates such as: private rates or rates activated via a promotional code or via user name and password, rates for travel agents, rates for companies, rates for groups.